Cornell Baja SAE Racing
Ithaca, NY

Suspension and Ergonomics Subteams

September 2016 - May 2021

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As a member of the Cornell Baja Racing team for almost the entirety of my college years, I’ve been involved in the design, analysis, manufacturing, testing, and racing of offroad cars at many Baja SAE competitions.

While on the Suspension subteam, I designed the front and rear uprights, ball joint assemblies, and welding fixtures. As a member of the Ergonomics subteam, I was responsible for the material selection, design, and manufacture of the body panels and steering wheel assembly, as well as overall fabrication of various ergonomic components using advanced manufacturing methods.

We have done well competitively, consistently placing in the Top 5 over all three annual competitions in several seasons, among a playing field of 100+ international collegiate teams.

OD17 (2021 Competition Season)
Fabrication Assistance, General Morale Boosting

OD16 (2020 Competition Season)
Body Panels and Materials, Advanced Manufacturing, Ergonomics System Goals, Mentoring

M15 (2019 Competition Season)
Front Upright, Ball Joints

M14 (2018 Competition Season)
Rear Upright

OD13 (2017 Competition Season)
Suspension Link Fixtures