Final Project for MAE 4340: Product Design
Fall 2019

[link to final Product Design Specification Report]
[link to Prototype 1 video (YouTube)]

In Fall 2019, I (in a group of 7 MAE seniors) ideated, designed, and prototyped the ‘biGrip’, an ergonomic grip designed for the elderly and those with mobility or dexterity issues.

The biGrip was created to allow gripping of any implement by joints that cannot be entirely curled, and will guide the user’s fingers to the specific optimal position through a simple visual guide. It is designed for a wide variety of grip and hand sizes, as well as any shape of implement to be gripped, due to the use of an inflatable bladder as the internal adaptable gripping mechanism. The biGrip’s innovative shape allows the same tool to be used for both the internal and external precision grips.

Calling our group ‘Squoval’, we worked through the design process from beginning to end: we performed empathy fieldwork to identify real-world challenges by speaking to the elderly ourselves, and synthesized this knowledge using systems engineering tools to create problem statements defining the scopes of possible products.  We then created looks-like and works-like prototypes, modeled the shape in clay, 3D-scanned it into CAD, and used a Formlabs Form 2 and Stratasys Objet to print the shell. After assembling and presenting the final prototypes, we created a manufacturing guideline to show the path ahead in mass-producing biGrips, as well as completed preliminary patent paperwork to learn more about the IP process.

More information on the design process and ergonomic data studied can be found in the Product Design Specification Report linked to the left.

Squoval Product Poster (presented at end of semester)