Water Pump
Final Project for MAE 2250: Mechanical Synthesis 
Designer, Presenter
Spring 2018

[link to Technical Report]

As part of MAE2250: Mechanical Synthesis, students are expected to design, manufacture, and test a pump that is capable of pumping at least 1 liter of water within 60 seconds. 

My role on a group of 6 was to design the pump in CAD using Fusion 360, as well as take the lead on machining necessary components. We built a crankshaft-style double-piston pump and pumped nearly 6 liters using it. One of the challenges of deciding on a piston pump was preventing seizing- we made the call early on to sacrifice a bit of travel to make the piston head thicker and make the pump foolproof. Between using Delrin (acetal resin) for the piston heads and a great machining job done by the group, our pump was capable of being operated by hand- no other pump in the class was.

The Technical Report linked to the left contains more information about this project, as well as some more pictures and renders.