Consumer Product Development Intern, Shark R&D
June 2020 — December 2020

[link to SharkNinja corporate site]
[link to Shark retail site]
From June to December 2020, I interned at SharkNinja, a leading manufacturer of home appliances, in Needham, MA. I was a Consumer Product Development Intern on the Shark R&D team, taking new products from the prototype stage to mass-manufacturing.

During my internship, I led early-stage development on specific product features for some of Shark’s 2021 offerings- this involved iteratively designing, prototyping, and testing parts and assemblies. Some of this work ended up on a filed patent application that I am listed as an inventor on, and I will update this page once the application is publicly available.

My role also involved creating and executing testing plans (DOE) to diagnose current product issues with the goal of performing running changes to existing SKUs. Lastly, I worked with the Operations team as well as prototyping vendors and OEMs to improve SharkNinja’s in-house and purchased rapid prototyping capabilities.

I’ll be updating this page with links when products I’ve worked on are launched in Fall 2021!