Final Project for MAE 3780: Mechatronics
Fall 2018

The final project of Cornell’s Mechatronics class is the Cube Craze competition- students design and build a robot capable of pushing 1” wood cubes onto the opponent’s side of a playing field. The winner is the team with fewer cubes left on their side than the opponent’s after 60 seconds.

Our team of 3 created a robust robot with an actuated rack-and-pinion mechanism to increase pushable area. Allowing a compact form factor to expand into a larger shape ensured that even if pins were disconnected and the mechanism did not work, our robot would still be able to function effectively in competition. We were not allowed to use the Arduino IDE, and had to hard-code motion planning and sensor checks in C to ensure our robot was not exceeding the bounds of the board.

Because of the reliability of our robot, we reached the semi-finals of Cube Craze and earned the maximum amount of extra credit possible in the competition.